About Us

I created kd closet after realizing that my childrens' closets were full of clothing they only wore a handful of times before outgrowing. Dressing my children in nice clothing is a priority, but like most moms, I must stick to a strict budget and do not have the time or energy to spend searching for affordable, but high end children’s clothing.

This dilemma led to the idea for kd closet, after all who wants to weed through piles of unwearable clothing at a consignment sale or spend hours searching online when the kd Closet eBay store is a strictly edited place to purchase new or gently pre- loved clothing without having to leave the comforts of home.

The spring after kd Closet launched, I purchased St. Paddy's Day shirts for my children because they are part Irish, but they are also Italian, Chinese and Eastern European. Irish pride shirts are everywhere, but it is rare to find clothing celebrating other cultures. I decided if I couldn't buy what I was looking for, I would make it myself. kd Closet then expanded to include an Etsy Shop with custom made to order tee shirts, tote bags and cups. We have made shopping easier than ever.

Get in Touch

kdCloset.com is no longer shoppable, now to shop for high end resale clothing, you can shop directly at our eBay store and shop for custom items in our Etsy Shop or send an email to customerservice@kdcloset.com